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About Data Week DC

Data Week DC 2021 is back and we want to go bigger in 2021!  Please take the time to learn more and decide how you want to be involved.  A great way to stand out and engage the data community is by Registering an Event.  The event registration link for 2021 is live now!


Since 2017, DC DATACON and Data Week DC have addressed the need to bring the data practitioners of our region together for a "big conversation" about data science to complement our vibrant meet-up culture that is Data Community DC (DC2).  Since, we have made great strides in highlighting the strength and opportunity that is our data science ecosystem in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia).  We continue to learn each year and strive to improve based on your participation and feedback. All proceeds from Data Week DC go to Data Community DC – a 501(c)(3).


2021 presents another opportunity for our community to help members of many different geographical, professional and socio-economic communities come together.  Data Week DC is taking place October 6th to October 10th virtually and at venues all over our region – it is up to our community what they choose to organize. During this 5-day period, we want to encourage our entire data community (meet-ups, higher ed, non-profits and corporations) to produce events to help address the digital divide in our country.  While it is completely up to our community what topics they want to address during Data Week DC events, we are asking for event related to one or more of the following topics:

·    Identifying and closing the digital divide

·    Promoting digital readiness at work and at home

·    Using data to responsibly promote social justice and good public policy

·    Ethics in Data

·    Building general digital skills

·    Starting and building careers in a digital economy

·    Creative uses of Data and Data Science


These topics are as relevant today as ever and we’ve still got work to do.  Digital transformation is an imperative and Data Week DC presents an opportunity to learn from others, share lessons and bring new voices to new people. We are calling on our community to produce events addressing these and many other data science topics of interest to the communities that they serve. Think of it as a crowd-sourced 5-day conference led by our data community.


Data Week DC remains an on-going experiment where we learn more each year.  The 2021 event presents another test of our community’s agility and creativity. We are excited to see how our data community steps up and leads.

The event registration process is automated, moderated, and an open platform. If you have an event you want to organize, then please review the materials provided and then visit the Register an Event link.  Completing this form is the first step to getting your event on the Data Week DC calendar.


Any member of the Steering Committee is here to serve you. Look us up, connect and start a dialogue. Tell your friends and colleagues about Data Week DC and attend as many events as you can.


Data Community DC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) not for profit organization committed to connecting and promoting the work of data professionals in the National Capital Region by fostering education, opportunity, and professional development through high-quality, community-driven events, resources, products and services.

The pulse of Data Community DC (DC2) is measured by its Meetups. Covering the spectrum of data science, DC2 promotes data scientists and their work, from gathering and organizing data (DWDC), to developing options and hypotheses about the data (DEDC), developing algorithms (DSDCWDSDC & FSDS), implementing those algorithms (SPDC), building businesses around the data, communicating your work (DVDC), and collaborating around your work (DCNO)...and more.  DC2 produces many events over the course of the year and look forward to seeing you at a meet-up soon.  Visit DC2 on-line at  

Data Week DC

Steering Committee 

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